First, check to be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system.  The pdf will not download without the program.

If you do have Acrobat, clicking the diskette icon at the top left of the pdf window should save the file, or click the printer icon to print the postcard.


We'd like to receive your comic as a jpeg file of at least 200dpi (300 dpi would be preferable) to be sure the image quality is sufficient to be easily read when we post it on the website.


The archive is organized according to the month in which the postcard was received.  If you know when you sent us the comic, you should be able to find it using the monthly links to the archive.  The home page will display comics received in the current month, with the newest arrivals displayed first.  (Currently, the home page contains ALL the cards we've received since the FootNotes began.)


The comic will remain posted at the website, and it may also be chosen to be printed in a collection of submissions at some point in the future.  All rights to each comic will be retained by the FootNotes, including the right to use the comic in print form, unless we are notified by the artist.  If you have submitted a comic and do not wish to have it published, please contact us by e-mail immediately.


Anyone interested in hard copies of the postcard can contact us by e-mail.  Please include your mailing address and a brief description of where you intend to distribute the cards.  (For example, "I am a teacher and have 20 students to whom I'd like to give the card", or "I own a game shop where I'd like to offer the cards to all my wicked cool, super-creative W.O.W. players".)


We'd be glad to try to answer any other questions you might have; please e-mail us at